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2018-07-12 11:09:55
National Ice Cream Day 2018 and Selling or Buying Your Flavor of Home

National Ice cream day is Sunday July 15, 2018, and we are sharing a link to places giving discounts or free ice cream. When thinking about Ice cream and flavors, my Real Estate Agent brain kicked in, and I started thinking about how homes have different flavors too.so here is some of my thoughts on how preparing your home for sale or choosing a home to buy, is similar to ice cream flavor choice.

What’s surprising is that if you Google what the most popular flavor of ice cream is, you may find as I did that vanilla is the best-selling flavor.

'A recent study found that chocolate and vanilla are far from America's favorite ice cream flavors. Although vanilla is the best-selling flavor, it is not the most loved. A Turkey Hill survey found that Choco Mint Chip is the favorite flavor. Cookies n' cream came in last, according to their survey.' Aug 14, 2017

There’s so many other awesome flavors. I almost never see someone ordering Vanilla at an ice cream place.

And, I hear and see the same stuff in terms of real estate…

Everyone seems to think that “vanilla” homes are the most popular with buyers. You know, “neutral” decor, paint, and no personal touches. Bland. Boring. Lacking “flavor”.

Real estate agents even urge sellers to make their house “vanilla” before going on the market.

The truth is, there are buyers who love and buy homes with “flavor”.

Now don’t get me wrong, a “vanilla” home will appeal to more people. And that can be good.

But to advise everyone to make their homes vanilla is silly.

Unique, even a kind of crazy “flavored” home can really appeal a specific buyer or two. Sure not every buyer will appreciate it. But to those it does appeal to, you have a captive audience who can’t get what you got to give anywhere else.

If you are trying to decide if you should make your house “vanilla” or not, for the sake of selling it, it boils down to how quickly you want / need it to sell…

If your home is “vanilla”, it will probably appeal to more people, and will therefore probably sell more quickly or readily.

But, if you have a home with some “flavor”, or have Questions about your homes appeal, I would be happy to set up a time to come out and walk through your home, and answer any of your Questions. Contact me today, Pam Gordon (719) 433-6297 or Pam@YourColoradoHomeTeam.net

Now if you are in the market to purchase a property here in Colorado, the process can be frustrating (like standing in a long line on a hot summer day waiting to get a nice, cool refreshing ice cream cone).

My experience has been that when you have your financing conditionally approved, and are available to be actively looking at properties, we are able to eventually get you the right home for you and your specific situation.

If you love chocolate with ice cream you have lots of choices (sprinkles, chips, syrup, etc), same can be seen in Real Estate.

Many property and home characteristics can vary from property to property, but still accommodate your needs / wants. Such as Layout of rooms, location in neighborhood, etc.

Good communication between you and I, is essential to finding your desired home. The more I know of what you are or are not liking about homes, the better I am able to adjust properties we see to narrow in on one which meet more of what you like. Like the amount of toppings one chooses to add to ice cream (some people cover every exposed bit, others prefer a light touch).

I am always open to meeting, emailing, or chatting with you regarding your Real estate needs / questions so please reach out to me directly, Pam Gordon (719) 433-6297 or Pam@YourColoradoHomeTeam.net

Whatever you favorite ice cream flavor is enjoy it, and remember it is always better shared with a friend or loved one!


Find out about some refreshing Ice cream freebies and discounts here



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2018-07-12 11:09:55
National Ice Cream Day 2018 and Selling or Buying Your Flavor of Home

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